Bank Teller Certificate

Bank Teller Certificate

Get knowledge and skills required to function effectively in the modern business world environment.






North American College of Information Technology can prepare you to work for a financial institution in today’s banking world. TRC Interactive’s award-winning teller training, TellerSolutionOnline®, is multimedia rich with audio, video, graphics, animation, and text. This online training is interactive, kept current with banking regulations, and prepares to meet the needs of financial institution customers. Participants will get prepared for an immediate part-time or full-time position in banks, credit companies, private and public insurance establishments, investment firms and other financial institutions.


  1. Introduction to Banking Industry
  2. Purpose of Banks
  3. How they serve the community
  4. Key roles/responsibilities of the Branch team
  5. Tellers and Customer Services
  6. Primary ways to establish excellent customer service
  7. Common types of transactions (deposits, withdrawals, transfers)
  8. Credits & Debits
  9. Balancing transactions
  10. Nine parts of a cheque
  11. Utility bills
  12. Cash and Custody
  13. Items other than cash
  14. Cash holding limits
  15. Major responsibilities
  16. Foreign Exchange/Funds Transferred
  17. Buy/Sell (USD, Sterling, other currencies)
  18. Rates/Settling
  19. Drafts & Money orders
  20. Handling Cash and Balancing
  21. Counting notes/coins
  22. Cash Transactions
  23. Principles of balancing
  24. Frauds/Deception/Money Laundering
  25. Types of fraudulent activity
  26. How to recognize and prevent
  27. Teller’s responsibilities in such cases
  28. Errors and Corrections
  29. Preventing errors
  30. Locating errors
  31. Temporary holds/stop payments
  32. Regulations
  33. Product Information
  34. Customer Protection
  35. Criminal Activities
  36. Security
  37. schemes aimed at financial institutions
  38. schemes aimed at customers
  39. Robbery
  40. Techniques of robbers

Career Opportunities

Successful participants of this certificate program will find opportunities to work as Bank Clerk, Credit Clerk, Claims Clerk, Dividend Calculation Clerk, Insurance Clerk, Loan Clerk, Mortgage Clerk, accounts receivable and Customer Relations Officer.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent with basic knowledge of customer relations management software and good communication skills.

Admission Requirements

Please call us at +1 416-960-6024 or write to [email protected]. Our business hours are 9 am to 5 pm (EST) Monday to Friday and 10 am to 4 pm (EST) Saturday.

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