Food Service Worker

Food Service Worker

Learn the theoretical and practical aspects of food preparation, nutrition, basic therapeutic diets, sanitation practices, meal service, effective communication and customer service.






This diploma program provides training for employment as a Food Service Worker or for those already in the industry who wish to upgrade or enhance their skills. The program covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of food preparation, nutrition, basic therapeutic diets, sanitation practices, meal service, effective communication, and customer service. The program has been designed to meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for staff employed as food service workers in long-term care environments.


  1. Institutional Food Service / Role of the Food Service Worker
  2. Communication Skills for the Food Service Worker
  3. Sanitation and Safety
  4. Quantity Food Preparation
  5. Nutrition and Health
  6. Medical Emergencies
  7. Job Search and Career Development
  8. Work Placement

Clinical Placement

The College arranges 140 hours of work placement in the food services department of a long-term care facility, hospital, school, or other institution that prepares and serves food in large quantity. Activities performed will vary depending on the placement site.

However, key responsibilities include being always supervised by a placement host, observing all workplace and school safety and security procedures, dressing appropriately for the placement experience, interacting with the placement staff respectfully, courteously, enthusiastically and learning and asking questions about the work placement staff’s jobs, environment, and daily routine.

Career Opportunities

Food Service Workers (also called Dietary Aide, Food Service Helper and Food Preparer) commonly find employment in long-term care facilities, acute care hospitals, special care homes, integrated facilities, educational facilities, the hospitality industry and a variety of other settings.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 (OSSD) or equivalent
  • If you are 19 years or older and do not have an OSSD or equivalent, a minimum passing score of 14 on the Wonderlic SLE entrance test.
  • Medical Certificate (free of communicable disease with up-to-date immunization status)
  • Negative Police Check (Vulnerable persons)

Note: Although not an admission requirement, Hepatitis B immunization is strongly recommended, since it is required by many employers

There is no exemption for any of the Theory courses; however, students who are working or have worked in a Canadian institutional food service environment may be exempt from all or part of the Work Placement. The student will require a letter from her or his employer(s) indicating the length of the employment, duties performed and general evaluation of the student’s abilities as a food service worker. The amount of credits will then be determent on an individual basis after an interview with the Program Director and a review of the employer letter(s).

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