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North American College of Information Technology Inc. (NACIT) established in 2002, is registered as career college under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005 with two campuses conveniently located in Toronto.

At NACIT, we believe that Canada is a land of opportunities. We believe that it’s the approach and desire to get things done right; Technology, Training or Tools alone can’t get you the result without deploying the right approach. North American College of Information Technology Inc. real differentiation is in the performance not only because of the tools, techniques, and technology, but its approach and commitment to the profession.

We are proud of our multi-cultural student community from around the world and member of Ontario Association of Career Colleges and National Association of Career Colleges.

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North American College of Information Technology Inc. offers a variety of diplomas in the fields of Business, Healthcare, and Engineering Design and Technology. You can pick from a huge variety! Take the first step here:

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Never has a quality education been more accessible! North American College of Information Technology Inc.’s campuses are conveniently located, making it possible for students to commute according to their busy schedules. You will find each to be easily accessible via car and public transit, and close to many restaurants and shops!

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North American College of Information Technology Inc.’s world-class faculty bring to the classroom their extensive academic achievements and wide-ranging experience from around the world. But above all, they are focused on your success. NACIT provides small class sizes to ensure students receive personal attention and opportunities to pursue research alongside faculty members!

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North American College of Information Technology Inc.’s faculty bring their extensive academic achievements and experience from around the world. NACIT provides small class sizes for personal attention.

The college philosophy is to do everything to equip students with knowledge and skills to compete in today’s job market. It provides solid foundation and practical skills; graduates need for a strong start in the workplace. Our basic objective is to provide students with post-secondary education and prepare them for the workplace. To achieve this goal, we emphasize the development of analytical and practical skills, along with a mastery of theoretical concepts. We also assist students in acquiring behavioral skills necessary for a successful career path and life experience. We offer a wide range of academic courses in the area of Information Technology, Business, Engineering and Healthcare.

Our curriculum is based on intense job evaluation and input from potential employers. Through our skilled professional instructors and state-of-the-art technology, North American College of Information Technology Inc. produces graduates whose skills and knowledge have been recognized by employers, and who are well prepared to meet the challenges of today’s work environment.

Best Faculty with Years of Experience

Learn from the best of the best. We bring the best faculty who has years of experience and are the master of their industries.

Skills for Today's Market

Covid-19 has changed the job landscape in Canada. A lot of fields are directly impacted. We bring you the courses with skills for today's market demand.

State of the Art Equipment & Lab

NA College has state of the art lab and equipment for hands on learning and practice. Our equipment is unmatched and gives you an advantage of getting trained with practical skills.

Best Location in Toronto & Scarborough

NA College has two campuses, conveniently located in Downtown Toronto and Scarborough. They are conveniently accessible to everyone for less commuting time.

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