Some of our Faculty

Some of our Faculty

DR. Gagik Bakhshyan

Ph.D. Economics

Gagik Bakhshyan is our Accounting Business Applications Lecturer with more than 20 years of experience not only in accounting and accounting software, but also in economics and financial management.

His credentials include a Ph.D. in Economics and a University Diploma in Accounting. He has worked as an associate professor at Yerevan State University, a senior economist at the Center for Economics Policy Research and Analysis/ USAID and a consultant at World Bank.

DR. Gagik Bakhshyan
Dr. Hui Zhang

Dr. Hui Zhang

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Hui Zhang is the Project Manager and Chairman of Engineering Department at North American College. Dr. Hui Zhang is a Senior Mechanical Engineer in Toronto, Canada. He is a Professional Engineer of Ontario with more than twenty years of teaching and work experience in complex mechanical systems design and development.

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University in China in 1994. He was an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University. He also was a visiting scholar at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, USA and research associate at Florida International University, USA. He has written five 3D design tutorial books for SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, SolidEdge, ProEngineer and CATIA. Two of them were published in USA in May 2003. He has been teaching 3D design software in Toronto since 2000.

Haqi Al-Ganabi (P.Eng)

BE Civil Engineering

Mr. Haqi Al-Ganabi P.Eng is civil instructor at North American College and is also a Senior Civil Engineer at BSG Consulting Engineers, Toronto, Canada. He is a Professional Engineer in Ontario with more than twenty-five years of teaching and work experience in designing, supervising and managing industrial, residential and transportation projects.

Mr. Alganabi is an experienced instructor who developed new ways to approach and understand the construction industry. He always brings to his students the latest ideas, technology, and procedures that are required and observed in the construction market and in the industry.

Mr. Alganabi received his degree in Civil Engineering from University of Mosul in 1979. In 1983 he accomplished his first research in Concrete rehabilitation which changed the national code followed by many researches in pavement design and material technology. This has thus allowed him to add two Diplomas to his profile. In 1986 he worked as an associate Civil Engineering Professor at Babylon Technical Institute, then as a senior project manager in many international projects funded by the United Nations. Following this he also worked with many consulting companies in Toronto such as Earthonics Engineering, Terraprobe Consulting Engineers, Peto-MacCallum Consulting Engineers, and as a Vice President with GET Engineering. Since 2003 he holds the position of Manager with BSG Consulting Engineers, which offers specialized engineering services in Canada. During his long years of site and office experience he was involved in most of the big projects in the city of Toronto and the surrounding areas such as the new terminal building at Pearson International airport, Provincial highways and bridges, high-rise buildings, new subdivisions and residential units in addition to his work on many historical buildings in Ontario.


Dr. Nicholas Herten-Greaven

BSc (McGill), MBBS (London)

Dr. Nicholas Herten-Greaven is the head of the Clinical Research Program at North American College of Information Technology (NACIT). He is a retired medical doctor, experienced academic and consultant actively involved in the design, implementation and delivery of heath related programs for Colleges and Universities. Dr. Nicholas is also an experienced educator and hands-on instructor with an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Healthcare System. He brings an unusual exposure to, and an in-depth understanding of analysis of interface issues between practicing healthcare professionals such as clinical doctors, nurses and other delivery end streams, and research investigators, trialists, healthcare managers and bureaucrats (MOHLTC, MTCU) that provide and deliver new knowledge to the system in the first place.

Regarding clinical research “the focus should be on delivering well planned clinical research courses and training programs that are comprehensive, relevant and up to date” says Dr. Nicholas. “Clinical Research programs often show up as a bunch of subjects tossed together like a garden salad that do little more than to offer an arbitrary tasting of the topics du jour to the student, … programs that are often dependent on whatever happens to be available, or of some particular interest at the time.”

“Our clinical research program at NACIT is unique as it follows a planned sequence of courses and builds on solid fundamentals so as to provide the future coordinator, manager or trialist with a good set of hard and soft skills. Trainees often discover that the courses have surprisingly little to do with a background in clinical medicine or nursing care and thatthe materials in fact cover completely new areas.”

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