Diploma in Clinical Research

Diploma in Clinical Research

Get knowledge base and skills training, so you will be prepared for any type of clinical research that you wish to pursue.







Clinical Research is a branch of Medical Science –a “medicalized” activity. It consists of surveys, studies, and projects to determine the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens intended for human use. Clinical research is conducted to discover new knowledge, whereas clinical practice (what doctors do) uses existing knowledge to treat (usually) known illnesses.


  1. Introduction to Clinical Research
  2. Medical Terminology and Concepts
  3. Microsoft Office Suite Skills
  4. Good Clinical Practice and Canadian Research Ethics Guidelines
  5. Clinical Study Designs and Methods
  6. Drug Development and Good Manufacturing Practices
  7. Clinical Research Analytics
  8. Effective Communication Strategies
  9. Medical Publications – Types and Reporting Guidelines
  10. Clinical Research Study Protocols
  11. Clinical Study Conduct
  12. Clinical Database Management
  13. Clinical Trial Monitoring
  14. Adverse Events – Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting
  15. Regulatory Affairs and Report Submissions
  16. Workplace Safety, CPR and First Aid
  17. Resume and Interview Preparation
  18. Student Project
  19. Student Placement

The program includes 380 hours of internship in a clinical research facility including but not limited to hospital, medical clinic, group practice, academic research centre, clinical research organization (CRO), pharmaceutical company, and non-profit organizations involved in human research.

Career Opportunities

The clinical research graduates can work as Clinical Trial Coordinator, Clinical Trial Monitor and Clinical Research Program Associate/Manager in university hospitals, research centers, hospital clinical trials units, contract research organizations and contract pharmaceutical organizations. They can also work as independent consultants and contractors in above organizations.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelors of Science degree (domestic or foreign) / Allied Health diploma (3 year)
  • Wonderlic SLE score of 18 + foreign BSc. or Allied Health diploma (3 yr)

More Details

The demand for this career is growing in teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organizations and Biotech industries. Canadian Institute of Healthcare Research has doubled its funding for Clinical Research.

The R&D departments in the biopharmaceutical industry have the highest human resource employed. The Clinical Research program gives a good knowledge base and skills training, to prepare for any type of clinical research one wishes to pursue.

You can choose your area of interest. This program will get you off to the best possible start when you get to the workplace. You will get support from experienced staff and tutors who are here to ensure you get the best from the program. For our graduates it is the ideal bridge to the CR workplace.

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